Mioga2 is Debian Jessie Compliant!

The Debian project recently published a new stable version codename "Jessie". This version introduces many changes from previous one (Apache 2.4, Perl 5.20, DBD::PG 3.4).
Added by S├ębastien NOBILI over 3 years ago

Changes introduced in Debian Jessie are a lot and had an important impact to Mioga2 behavior.

Many charset issues due to Perl changes around version 5.16, some charset issues due to DBD::Pg changes in version 3.

Many configuration changes due to Apache 2.4.

Mioga2 has been tuned to properly work in a Debian Jessie environment. Upcoming 2.4.27 release will install and work in such an environment.

First compatible commit can be retrieved from Gitlab: a189b43d5c82d7906c499392babadd0e0851deb9