Mioga2 2.4.27

Added by S├ębastien NOBILI about 3 years ago

Mioga2 2.4.27 is released.

This version is meant to be installed on an Apache-2.4 with Perl 5.20, it will probably fail to work on older versions. All the required versions are available in current Debian stable (Jessie).

This release is mostly a porting of Mioga2 to Debian Jessie. It introduces a few features and bug fixes.

Bugs fixed

  • [BUG #1475] GLOBAL - Digest::SHA1 is no more into Debian, use Digest::SHA instead.
  • [BUG #1478] MAGELLAN - Lock owner is not displayed when lock was created through a WebDAV mount.
  • [BUG #1477] Passwords are returned by Cantor GetUsers.json
  • [BUG #1474] Mails are sent to disabled users
  • [BUG #1476] Errors are not displayed in Magellan

Features added

  • [FEATURE] GLOBAL - LDAP user authentication achieved through a bind request when store_ldap_password is false.
  • [FEATURE] GLOBAL - Allow Cross-Origin requests for packaged apps.