HordeZpush provides ActiveSync synchronisation between smartphones,PDA and Horde groupware (http://www.horde.org/)

It is based on Zpush project (http://z-push.sourceforge.net/soswp/) and adds backends that synchronize contacts and calendars with Horde.

It has been tested with:
  • Horde 3.3.5
  • Kronolith 2.3.2
  • Turba 2.3.2
  • Z-Push 1.2.1

Detailed installation are in INSTALL file (http://www.alixen.org/svn/HordeZpush/trunk/INSTALL).

Released versions are available at:

Subversion repository access:
svn checkout http://www.alixen.org/svn/HordeZpush

It is released under GPLv2

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