Mioga2 2.4.28

Added by Sébastien NOBILI over 2 years ago

Mioga2 2.4.28 is released.

This is mostly a bugfix release coming with a few enhancements.

Bugs fixed

  • [BUG #1480] CHRONOS - JSON decoding fails because of charset.
  • [BUG #1482] DAV - GET arguments lead to 404 HTTP code when used onto DAV file URI.
  • [BUG #1489] LOGIN - XSS vulnerability into "target" argument (thx ArmFox97 for reporting)
  • [BUG #1493] LOGIN - Ensure "target" argument is a Mioga2 target.
  • [BUG #1490] CAPTCHA - Fixed some SQL injection vulnerabilities.
  • [BUG #1486] INSTALL - Apache2-2.4 crashes if mpm_event is enabled.
  • [BUG #1485] INSTALL - Harmless exception during install complaining about missing Mioga2::AnimGroup.
  • [BUG #1488] WebDAV - Deletion crashes if filename contains unbalanced parenthesis.
  • [BUG #1447] COLBERTSA - Do not crash on instance creation if skeleton references an unknown application.


  • Some WebDAV performance optimizations
  • Login WebService for JSON-speaking frontends

Mioga2 2.4.27

Added by Sébastien NOBILI about 3 years ago

Mioga2 2.4.27 is released.

This version is meant to be installed on an Apache-2.4 with Perl 5.20, it will probably fail to work on older versions. All the required versions are available in current Debian stable (Jessie).

This release is mostly a porting of Mioga2 to Debian Jessie. It introduces a few features and bug fixes.

Bugs fixed

  • [BUG #1475] GLOBAL - Digest::SHA1 is no more into Debian, use Digest::SHA instead.
  • [BUG #1478] MAGELLAN - Lock owner is not displayed when lock was created through a WebDAV mount.
  • [BUG #1477] Passwords are returned by Cantor GetUsers.json
  • [BUG #1474] Mails are sent to disabled users
  • [BUG #1476] Errors are not displayed in Magellan

Features added

  • [FEATURE] GLOBAL - LDAP user authentication achieved through a bind request when store_ldap_password is false.
  • [FEATURE] GLOBAL - Allow Cross-Origin requests for packaged apps.

Mioga2 is Debian Jessie Compliant!

Added by Sébastien NOBILI almost 4 years ago

Changes introduced in Debian Jessie are a lot and had an important impact to Mioga2 behavior.

Many charset issues due to Perl changes around version 5.16, some charset issues due to DBD::Pg changes in version 3.

Many configuration changes due to Apache 2.4.

Mioga2 has been tuned to properly work in a Debian Jessie environment. Upcoming 2.4.27 release will install and work in such an environment.

First compatible commit can be retrieved from Gitlab: a189b43d5c82d7906c499392babadd0e0851deb9

Mioga2 2.4.26

Added by Sébastien NOBILI over 4 years ago

Mioga2 2.4.26 is released.

This version fixes many bugs and introduces:
  • a new LDAP directory access mode
  • the possibility to login without specifying a target instance.

These points (and upgrade required actions) are described in UPGRADE file.

Bugs fixed

  • [BUG #1320] MAGELLAN - Pre-fill the form renaming
  • [BUG #1437] HAUSSMANN - Task creation is impossible when an other task is affected to second or more grouping list
  • [BUG #1438] CHRONOS - Enter key to create event doesn't work
  • [BUG #1436] MAGELLAN - No warning before a file replacement
  • [BUG #1412] MAGELLAN - Size of current folder is not updating
  • [BUG #1369] MAGELLAN - Use rights manager with "&" character in name folder
  • [BUG #1439] DEMING - Fix syntax error in SQL request
  • [BUG #1440] HAUSSMANN - The last opened project is not a current project
  • [BUG #1441] HAUSSMANN - Timeline elements are shifted depending on zoom factor.
  • [BUG #1442] EIFFEL - Timeline elements are shifted depending on zoom factor.
  • [BUG #1443] HAUSSMANN - Month width may become inconsistent depending on zoom factor.
  • [BUG #1444] EIFFEL - Month width may become inconsistent depending on zoom factor.
  • [BUG #1446] COLBERT - Can't enable an application that is all_groups in another instance.
  • [BUG #1448] FOUQUET - Last connection is not translated to user timezone.
  • [BUG #1449] MAGELLAN - Files may disapear when renamed to no-name.
  • [BUG #1451] COLBERT - Newly-added columns may not be visible if user changed default layout.
  • [BUG #1411] MERMOZ - The response time is too high when the numbr of users is too high.
  • [BUG #1450] CHRONOS - An occurrence of a recurring event in week view is not visible.
  • [BUG #1452] CHRONOS - The cleaning is not done properly
  • [BUG #1454] CHRONOS - When the end of event is midnight and when this event is edited, it is all_day
  • [BUG #1456] CHRONOS - When event is ended at after start day, it is all_day
  • [BUG #1457] LOUVRE - Galleries are not updated when directory contents changes.
  • [BUG #1398] CHRONOS - Fix bugs about recurrence
  • [BUG #1455] CHRONOS - Fix bugs about recurrence
  • [BUG #1461] FORUM - Subject loading requests crash on PostgreSQL 9
  • [BUG #1463] FORUM - Message report to moderators doesn't work
  • [BUG #1453] LOUVRE - HD images are loaded with gallery index
  • [BUG #1464] LOUVRE - Interface loading can be very long
  • [BUG #1460] MAGELLAN - Click in left-pane tree view is inefficient in IE9
  • [BUG #1445] FOUQUET - UI let us think we can disable Fouquet.
  • [BUG #1468] BOTTINSA - E-mail users fails when displaying list of another instance' users
  • [BUG #1469] BOTTINSA - UI is limited to LDAP access level of instance from which it was started.
  • [BUG #1471] BOTTIN - User affectation to instance fails if affection LDAP attribute is not the default one ("ou")
  • [BUG #1472] GLOBAL - IE compatibility mode is on for many applications.
  • [BUG #1473] MAGELLAN - Galleries can't be created anymore.

Features added

  • [FEATURE] HAUSSMANN - Rename grouping tree by keypress
  • [FEATURE] BOTTIN - 3-level LDAP access mode.
  • [FEATURE] LOGIN - Instance-independant login system.

Mioga2 2.4.25

Added by Sébastien NOBILI over 5 years ago

Mioga2-2.4.25 is out, a lot of work!

Bugs fixed

  • [BUG #1402] CHRONOS - Data cleanup fails for users.
  • [BUG #1403] ARTICLES - Extra HTML contents is added to header.
  • [BUG #1404] SEARCH - Crawl script crashes if Mioga2 install path is not standard.
  • [BUG #1406] ARTICLES - Long text in header is not wrapped.
  • [BUG #1394] DAVProxy - File transfers fail from Finder WebDAV mount.
  • [BUG #1407] SEARCH - No direct access to the article in the search result.
  • [BUG #1393] EIFFEL - The names of private tasks is displayed.
  • [BUG #1415] HAUSSMANN - Task notes are not refreshed.
  • [BUG #1416] EIFFEL - Title of Chronos tasks is "undefined".
  • [BUG #1401] CHRONOS - Loading hangs in English version.
  • [BUG #1400] GLOBAL - Group quotas also apply to users and teams.
  • [BUG #1399] COLBERT - Creation errors are not detailed.
  • [BUG #1417] HAUSSMANN - No edition after creating a project.
  • [BUG #1392] FOUQUET - Filesystem access rights are not correctly rendered.
  • [BUG #1410] MAGELLAN - Disk space used value is inconsistent.
  • [BUG #1413] COLBERT - Disk space conversion to kB is not working.
  • [BUG #1414] CHRONOS - Recurring events are misplaced because of DST.
  • [BUG #1382] HAUSSMANN - Dispatch of project tasks is lost
  • [BUG #1423] HAUSSMANN - project result managment leads to inconsistent task position
  • [BUG #1426] MAGELLAN - Download fails if path to file contains parenthesis.
  • [BUG #1422] HAUSSMANN - Application is accessible to users but should be restricted to groups.
  • [BUG #1427] HAUSSMANN - Empty dialog when adding a result and advanced parameters are not saved.
  • [BUG #1428] HAUSSMANN - Task affectation does not work in IE8
  • [BUG #1430] HAUSSMANN - Fix bad vocabulary and translations
  • [BUG #1431] HAUSSMANN - Only space character is accepted value in advanced parameters of project
  • [BUG #1432] HAUSSMANN - Some parts of task edit form are not displayed.
  • [BUG #1433] HAUSSMANN - Accumulation of message about advanced parameters modifications.
  • [BUG #1435] SEARCH - Inconsistent result range on first page.

Features added

  • [FEATURE] HAUSSMANN - Chronological view
  • [FEATURE] HAUSSMANNREPORT - Haussmann report application
  • [FEATURE #1408] ARTICLES - Category indexing is missing.
  • [FEATURE #1418] COLBERTSA - Creation date should be displayed.
  • [FEATURE #1419] COLBERT - Creation and last connection dates should be displayed.
  • [FEATURE] HAUSSMANN - Filter project by status

Mioga2 2.4.24

Added by Sébastien NOBILI over 5 years ago

A bugfix-release is out.

Bugs fixed

  • [BUG #1396] MAGELLAN - Archive extract fails on Firefox/Windows.
  • [BUG #1397] COLBERT - Deleting a LDAP user deletes LDAP record whatever the value of modify_ldap_password.

Features added

  • [FEATURE] GLOBAL - Standardized rich-text editor with a correct set of features.

Bugs fixed in previous (not-publised) versions

  • [BUG #1373] MAGELLAN - Can't set access rights to public space with HTTP-Basic authen.
  • [Bug #1375] CANTOR - Can't store survey if description text is too long.
  • [BUG #1384] SKELETONS - Some application are not referenced into instance skeletons, which crashes instance creation.
  • [BUG #1387] FAQ - Editor fails to initialize.
  • [BUG #1389] GLOBAL - Last connection not set for users invited through teams.
  • [BUG #1390] GLOBAL - Statistics script crashes.
  • [BUG #1367] FORUM - Exception when using "Forum return" link after creating a subject.

Features added in previous (not-published) versions

  • [FEATURE] DEMING - Activity reporting application.
  • [FEATURE] CANTOR - Meeting date polling application.

Mioga2 2.4.20

Added by Sébastien NOBILI almost 6 years ago

We're proud to announce a great new Mioga2 release !

This release fixes a few bugs and comes with nothing less than five new applications!

The "Fouquet" application is the new group animation interface. It is automatically enabled into all existing groups. The old group animation still remains available the time to get used to Fouquet. It should be added to any existing personalized instance and group skeletons so it gets available to newly created groups and instances.

Bugs fixed

  • [BUG #1352] DAVProxy - Can't rename through HTTPS WebDAV mounts.
  • [BUG #1359] MERMOZ - Application crashes when started in user context.
  • [BUG #1362] FAQ - Editor has strange behavior.
  • [BUG #1361] FAQ - Missing tooltips.
  • [BUG #1297] ARTICLES - Modifying then validating a pending article crashes.
  • [BUG #1364] MAGELLAN - Setting properties is not possible if user has multiple profiles.


  • [FEATURE] FOUQUET - New group-animation interface.
  • [FEATURE] DIDEROT - Document Management System.
  • [FEATURE] CHRONOS - New organizer.
  • [FEATURE] EIFFEL - New planning.
  • [FEATURE] HAUSSMANN - Project management.

Mioga2 2.4.19

Added by Sébastien NOBILI about 6 years ago

An annoying bug has been discovered. This bug has probably always existed but its fix requires to be published.
With it comes the possibility to have passwords encrypted in instance skeletons (passwords had to be plain text before).

Bugs fixed

  • [BUG #1350] GLOBAL - Passwords can't be encrypted inside instance skeleton.
  • [BUG #1351] MAGELLAN - Charset problems when extracting archives.

Mioga2 2.4.18

Added by Sébastien NOBILI about 6 years ago

Mioga2 2.4.18 fixes a few bugs found in previous version.

Bugs fixed

  • [BUG #1348] MAGELLAN - Text-file edit doesn't work anymore.
  • [BUG #1347] MAILINGLIST - Sender address not understood if FROM also contains sender label.
  • [BUG #1349] AUTHENTICATION - HTTP-Basic popup even though Web authentication is enabled.

Mioga2 2.4.17

Added by Sébastien NOBILI about 6 years ago

Mioga2 2.4.17 fixes some bugs and introduces a few features.

Bugs fixed

  • [BUG #1321] BOTTIN - When installed in an instance that is not connected to a LDAP, revoking a user from a group crashes.
  • [BUG #1328] MAGELLAN - Crashes on IE9.
  • [BUG #1329] MAGELLAN - Unzip fails on IE if filename contains two following white-spaces.
  • [BUG #1332] LDAP SYNCHRO - Do not update user status to 'Deleted Not Purged' when user base is centralized, delete users.
  • [BUG #1315] COLBERT - disable_attacked users that can be re-enabled are processed when fetching user list.
  • [BUG #1331] COLBERT - Import status is not user-friendly when ident is already used with another email address.
  • [BUG #1311] MAGELLAN - Directories with double quotes can't be opened from left pane.
  • [BUG #1327] FORUM - Forum-return link from notifications points to incomplete URL.
  • [BUG #1323] LOGIN - If user browser doesn't provide language information, use Mioga2 default language.
  • [BUG #1288] GLOBAL - Database exception are not enough detailed.
  • [BUG #1337] LOGIN - Display an error page when login system pages are not found.
  • [BUG #1336] LOGIN - Fully split HTTP auth from HTML auth.
  • [BUG #1344] DAVProxy - Mioga is not seen as a DAV-compliant server.
  • [BUG #1345] ORGANIZER - Application crashes on periodic tasks.


  • [FEATURE] MERMOZ - Recipients can be detailed in mail headers.
  • [FEATURE] MAGELLAN - History can be enabled per-file (or directory).
  • [FEATURE] GLOBAL - Internally-dedicated URL branch.
  • [FEATURE #1338] COLBERT - "Show Some Users" dialog is missing a field to select type.
  • [FEATURE #1341] COLBERT - SelectLists order should be stored in user preferences.

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