The goal of this project is to provide better integration of syslog messages as defined in RFC 3164 and 5424 with Zabbix.

Currently, Zabbix cannot process messages in syslog format.
It can only process messages stored in flat files by standard syslog programs on Unix/Linux systems.

It has two drawbacks:

  1. It can process logfiles only on hosts where Zabbix agent can be installed.
    Logs from devices such as routers or firewalls cannot be processed.
  2. syslog protocol defines several informations associated to messages that are lost : timestamp, facility and severity.

This project adds support in Zabbix for a new kind of item:

It has been tested with Zabbix 1.8.2 and 1.8.3

Detailed installation and usage in README file (http://www.alixen.org/svn/zbxlog/trunk/README)

Released versions available at:

Subversion repository access:

svn checkout http://www.alixen.org/svn/zbxlog

It is released under GPLv2

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